The Enactus UNM executive committee is a group of students leading the charge in transforming lives through social entrepreneurship. Each executive serves a term of one academic year and must go through hustings and elections before undergoing their tenure.

Lai Ti Falng

Margaret Lim Jo Ee

Kuik Wei Wen (Timothy)

Liew Wei Yang


Executive Committee


Lily Lee Lin Li

Woon Wei Ling

Aiman Farhan

Ridzuan Mat Som

Wong Wai Ann (Gwyn)



Executive Committee

Ching Wen Hong (Christopher)

Fadhleen Sabri

Yap Jin Wei

Ho Wei Jack



Executive Committee

Afreen Fatima

Leow Chok Nam (Rynn)

Lee Shing Wee

Lim Xin Yee



Executive Committee

Tan Khoon Hooi

Akma Kasah

Leow Chok Nam (Rynn)

Chong Kenny



Executive Committee

Ng Han Khwan

Jo Anne Ooi

Henrik Seyersted

Wong Jia Kuan



Executive Committee

Jacky Mok Jee Ee

Ngam Li Hsian

Tan Lee Xiang



These members prove to be invaluable assets to the growth and development of Enactus UNM. With their dedication, input and teamwork over the years, our organization has been able to progress and successfully become the powerhouse it is today. All of these members have been a part of Enactus UNM for atleast 3 years.

Shaun Khaw Kai Keat
Aiman Farhan
Terrence Yap
Ming Jiet
Man Yu Qian
Ching Wen Hong
Low Ying Xhin
Woon Wei Ling
Lily Lee Lin Li
Nik Alia Zafira
Lau Yee Leen
Siti Aliyya Binti Rizal

*The longest serving member initiative started in the 2018/19 term. Therefore, the list of members above is not fully exhaustive

Entrepreneurial - igniting business innovation with integrity and passion

Action - the experience of social impact that sparks social enterprise.

Us - student, academic and business leaders collaborating to create a better world.

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